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How to plan a whole month of social media posts in one go!

We all know it feels good to plan ahead and have things checked off the to-do list when it comes to social media, so here's the process I use for planning out my social media posts! Keep reading to see how I plan 1 month of social media posts at a time.

1. Set aside a couple of hours where you can focus on this and this only.

I like to do this in the third week of the month. I never want to plan too far ahead incase anything changes. It also helps when keeping up with trends!

2. Gather everything you need.

Here is my list of things I need:

  • My laptop

  • My glasses so I can see 🤓

  • Google Sheets for my colour coded content calendar

  • Canva to create content

  • Later to schedule the content

  • Google Calendar for public holidays and key dates

  • Notepad to jot down any ideas

  • Notes on my iPhone for any previous idea's I've had

  • Coffee & snacks

If you have everything you need ready to use, you have no excuse to get up and abandon this project! Preparation is key.

3. Look into the details of anything you'd like to promote for the month

If you have a new product/service coming out and you'd like to build up to the launch, make sure to add this into your content calendar so that you don't miss it when creating! Or perhaps you just want to focus on getting clients/customers ready to buy one thing in particular... write this in too.

4. Start planning!

Slot your ideas into your content calendar, making sure you have an even split/rotation of your content pillars. Add in some posts around national holidays, events or days that your audience may be interested in for example if you're a cafe you might want to utilise National Coffee Day on October 1st ☕️

If you find yourself with some gaps and are struggling to think of ideas, head over to Answer the Public or other similar platforms like Quora, Facebook groups or Pinterest for ideas.

5. Start creating!

It's time to start creating your content. This may be inserting photos from your camera roll or opening up Canva and getting creative. This is usually what takes me the longest so i often split it over a few evenings. The process of creating the content is so much faster when you already know what you are creating for the month and when it's going up!

6. Schedule in your posts.

Open up your preferred scheduling tool (mine is Later) and slot in your posts according to your content calendar. This is when i do my copywriting. Get into the writing mode and get those captions done!

And you're finished! That wasn't so bad was it? We go again next month 🤝


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