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How to use Instagram stories to boost your engagement!

Having a strategy in place for Instagram stories will help you so much. Here are some tips you can use today to help utilise stories to boost engagement. Planning story content ahead of time can be extremely beneficial, you can even schedule stories now using Facebook Business Suite! A time saver 🤩

Making use of stickers like the poll, the quiz, the countdown and the slide emoji are also key for engagement and getting to know your audience better 💪🏼

Here are some ways you can show up on your Instagram story:

  • Connect emotionally through personal content

  • Show your personality by using stickers/gifs

  • Re-share your new grid posts

  • Behind the scenes content

  • Create hype for new content/events using the countdown sticker

  • Do a q&a about an industry topic or yourself/your brand

Still not sure what to post? I've got you covered 👇🏼

Steal these content ideas:

  • Story takeover featuring someone in your industry

  • Share relevant posts/blogs from others in your niche and make sure to tag them

  • Do market research by conducting a poll

  • Share what you're up to that day

  • Share industry news to keep your community up to date

  • Chat to your community using video

  • Create hype for a piece of content or an event by using the countdown sticker

If you feel uncomfortable showing your face on your story or grid, you can still show

up by using the back camera. Here's an example of how I did this recently:

Last week I went to a cafe to work for the day (which was lovely and I definitely will be doing more regularly). I felt too uncomfortable to start talking on my story in public so I simply flipped the camera and showed my set up. Simple yet very effective!

Did this blog post help you think about different ways to show up on stories?

If you think you will still struggle with utilising instagram stories, feel free to get in touch with me using my contact form or via instagram for more help! I also offer social media management services.

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